Google shows 17.000 hits on "origami". Unfortunately, other material than brief texts is rare. Most of the hits are either something else (e.g. an irrelevant project from Microsoft) or search results from libraries or booksellers. If you know other sites relevant to Danish origami, contact me.

Jacob Toft Pedersen
Interesting page where Jacob e.g. introduces the concept nicotin animals: small origami figures which you fold instead of taking a cigarette. Also videos with Vincent Floderer who shows how you with a bit of cunning and a large amount of training may "fold" or rather wet-crumble amazingly realistic boletuses and other fungi.
A few great pictures and models, in particular a mini pegasus.
Helle Fager Ehlers
Helle has written many origami books where she herself have designed and diagrammed all models. She has also often been consultant on projects in need for origami.
She may be contacted at phone (+45) 33240772.
Mikael Kristensen
Apart from being a very skilled folder, Mikael performs with magic and is a member of "Magisk Cirkel" and its board.
Contact him at or cell phone (+45) 40 26 37 06.
Karen Mansa
Karen Mansa from Helsingør Kommunes Hovedbibliotek (Elsinore county Main Library) has written about origami history and books available for borrowing.
Teabag folding
Interest group on teabag folding. Membership required.
Video Bornholm
Video (dvd available) with Thoki Yenn and his paperfolding and paper cuts.
Soma cube
Thorleif shows how to fold the pieces of Piet Hein's soma cube, a nice exercise in modular origami.
"House of paper" by Jonna Rasmussen
Teaching, and selling beautiful (if a bit expensive) paper.
"Karen-Marie Klip" and "The Small Paper Museum", Karen-Marie Fabricius
Shop and exhibition with paper, paper cutting, idea materials, and more. Courses, sometimes also in origami. Karen-Marie also did a nice book on boxes.
Microsoft Publisher
How to find and use 6 origami templates in the software Microsoft Publisher.
Jannick's dinos
Folds because he likes nice things and can borrow the books at the library. (careful: 4 pictures, each 1,5 Mb)
Thoki Yenn
Strictly spoken this page is not in Danish, is is included anyway because it is about late Danish folder Thoki Yenn and archives is entire (English language) web site., see also