Before Big Bang

Projects are foldings that require more than just a piece of paper, but which also enable you to do a bit more.

The projects are not necessarily difficult - it is not a bit more in that way. E.g the dragon cuts merely require a printer. But some projects may of course take more time and typically require other aids, like a printer, compass, ruler, glue, or scissors.

List of projects

Face builder: Put your own face together with a few mouse clicks. And invent more variants yourself.
3D curved sculptures: For once circular folds. You will need compass and ruler, but the result is great.
Cutting sheets with dragons: Print wonderful patterns to fold the flapping dragon - or edit your own patterns. What about your nasty brother, sister, mother-in-law, ..., as a dragon?
Sammenfoldet papir
Folding paper over: How many times can you fold paper over?